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Residential / Commercial Lawn Care Program

Ever wish you could have someone with a BS in Plant science and 20 years experience in the green industry give you an expert diagnosis of your lawn and landscape? Through our turf programs and lawn care programs, we can provide the best quality care to your landscape.

Landscaping & Lawn Care Program

We offer organic based programs using compost and organic fertilizers. Our Landscape Programs protect and enhance expensive landscape trees and shrubbery, and includes insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, deep root tree fertility, shrub enhancement fertility, landscape bed weed control, and deer repellents.

Turf Care Program

Custom designed turf programs can address common issues like shade, poor soils, insect and disease problems, weed control, and fertility. TurfMark provides turfgrass services which produce safe, high performing, and aesthetically pleasing fields; while using techniques that meet high environmental standards and that are economical for the institutions which we serve.


  • Experts in turf management will yield excellent turf quality
  • Apply appropriate professional grade products by experienced and licensed application technicians.
  • Free one on one consultations about your lawn and landscape, we will deliver personal service and will not market services to you that are not needed.
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Turf Care Program Schedule

March: Pre-emergent herbicide on slow release fertilizer. Prevents the emergence of crabgrass and many other grassy and broadleaf weeds, while delivery a 6-8 week feeding.

April: Post-emergent broadleaf weed control. Controls weeds such as dandelions and clover.

May: Slow release balanced fertilizer. High-quality fertilizer designed to deliver critical nutrients in a time-released process with no leaching.

June: Season-long grub and insect control. Systemic insecticide designed to translocate within the turf plant with no impact to the environment.

June, July, August: Broad spectrum fungicide. Controls a wide range of patch and leaf spot diseases commonly found in our area during hot and humid conditions.

August: Summer annual and perennial weed control. Treatments designed to control nutsedge, crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, etc.

September: Slow release balanced fertilizer. High-quality fertilizer designed for recovery from summer conditions.

October: Slow release balanced fertilizer. High-quality fertilizer designed to deliver essential nutrients throughout the winter months.

November: High calcium lime. Calcium improves soil structure, stimulates soil microbes, and increases nutrient availability.

Landscape Care Program Schedule

March: Shrub fertilizer. High-quality IBDU fertilizer designed to enhance the flowering and overall appearance of all shrubbery and landscape plants.

March: Pre-emergent herbicide. Product designed to prevent most weeds in landscape beds.

April: 1st round of insect and disease control. Applied as leaves begin to emerge, controls a wide range of insects and diseases.

May: 2nd round of insect and disease control. Applied 6-8 weeks after the 1st round. This is the final protection needed for the season.

July: Insecticide. Specialty mitaicide applied to susceptible plants such as Burning Bush and Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

September: Pre-emergent herbicide. Product designed to prevent most weeds in landscape beds. Needed this time of year for winter annuals.

November: Deep root tree feeding. In natural settings, trees are fed by a natural process of decaying leaves, but in urban settings, nutrients need to be supplemented. Pricing for this service is based on the caliber of the tree or shrub and is very affordable.