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Sports Turf Management

Outstanding athletic fields always have a good management plan and qualified personnel to implement those practices. TurfMark Services will provide a free site visit and analysis. A comprehensive analysis is always important to determine the current condition of the fields and what steps may be needed for improvement.

Laser Grading and Renovation: Precision laser-guided grading to establish slopes and improve surface drainage on baseball and softball infields and establishing field crowns on football and soccer fields.

Deep Tine Aeration: Aeration is crucial to plant health and durability.  A specialized aerator is used to relieve compaction to a depth of 6-8 inches, allowing deeper compaction relief, greater land rooting, and better drainage.

Application of Fertility and Control Products: All products are designed to enhance high-performance turf and safe for athletes.

Topdressing and Topdress Leveling: Used to amend soils and/or to correct low spots and irregularities in the playing surface.  This results in improved drainage and field safety.

Maintenance of Synthetic Fields: Infill grooming and cleaning to prolong the life of the field.

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Field Construction

TurfMark Services works with a number of architect and design services to develop a scope of your project to ensure success.

We provide consultation as to:

  • Site selection
  • Grade planning and drainage
  • Infield and field soils
  • Turf selection – natural or synthetic

Our scope of work during the construction process consists of:

  • Finish grading utilizing laser guided grading equipment
  • Installation of irrigation and drainage systems
  • Installation of engineered infield mixes
  • Installation of turf – either from sod, sprigs, seed, synthetic

Field Renovation

TurfMark Services provides renovation services to all types of athletic field surfaces – Football, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Practice Fields

This can involve renovating fields back to their peak condition or re-constructing fields which were built poorly.

Our specialty is finding solutions to the problems with your fields:

  • Poor turf performance
  • Drainage issues
  • Playability, smoothness, or safety of your fields

Whatever the problem, we have the experience and knowledge to develop a solution.

Field Contracting

We contract the following services to our clients:

Aerification services

  • Deep tine aeration to depths up to 10”
  • Linear aeration to depths up to 10” with no surface disruption

Application services

  • Apply professional grade products by experienced and licensed application technicians.

Field topdressing

  • Apply field amendments to the field – compost, sand
  • Topdress leveling of low spots

Synthetic field services

  • Perform field cleaning and grooming
  • Base grade work and turf repair